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The WFDB Meeting Concluded Successfully



The World Federation of Diamond Exchange (WFDB)’s Executive Committee Meeting and Asia-Pacific Presidents’ Summit was held at Shanghai Diamond Exchange on March 9th and 10th respectively. The WFDB President Mr. Ernie Blom, Vice President Julien Drybooms and other WFDB leaders attended the meeting. Presidents from major diamond bourses, including the Dubai Diamond Exchange, the Tokyo Diamond Exchange, the Diamond Federation of Hong Kong, the Korea Diamond Exchange, the Bangkok Diamonds and Precious Stone Exchange, the Moscow Diamond Exchange, the Beur voor Diamanthandel, and the Shanghai Diamond Exchange were also present.


The two-day meeting had a tight schedule. Hosted by Mr. Ernie Blom, the Exco meeting reviewed matters arising from the previous meeting and shared updates on each matter. Then the Exco meeting participants focused on important issues currently concerned by the diamond industry and had heated discussion about the responses and solutions. On the Asia-Pac Summit, representatives made brief report on their bourses’ activities in the past year and an overview of the current market situation in their regions before the round table discussion on issues such as online presence, banks, profitability and stone overgrading.  


As the host of this meeting, Shanghai Diamond Exchange held a cocktail reception in their building on March 9th. Mr. Lin Qiang delivered a welcome speech. Mr. Ernie Blom and Mr. Li Mu, Deputy Director of the Diamond Administration of China also gave speeches. Over a hundred representatives of SDE members were invited to the reception. They had face to face communications with and built direct connections to the world diamond leaders.  



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