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De Beers’ Forevermark inscribes two millionth diamond from Namibia


De Beers’ Forevermark diamond brand said it has inscribed its two millionth diamond, a 3.48 carat round brilliant that was mined, cut and polished in Namibia. 
The stone bears the unique inscription of ‘2,000,000’, it said. 
It would be set in a piece of jewellery at the Forevermark Design and Innovation Centre in Milan, Italy. 
“The two millionth inscription reflects the continued growth of the Forevermark brand, which has gone from strength-to-strength since launching nine years ago,” said Forevermark chief executive Stephen Lussier. 
“This demand is being driven by consumers who want certainty that their diamonds not only possess the highest standards of beauty, but also come with the guarantee of being responsibly sourced.” 
De Beers said the design would be worked on by the 2015 runner-up of its Light Awards, Louise Kriek, from South Africa, under the Forevermark design team, as part of a three-month internship at Forevermark in Milan. 
The diamond, it said, would eventually become part of Forevermark’s exclusive red carpet collection, to be worn by celebrities at major events and award ceremonies around the world. 
Mathew Nyaungwa, Editor in Chief of the African Bureau, Rough&Polished 


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