Botswana Diamond Official visited SDE



In late May of 2017, Ms. Diana Moabe, deputy director of the Diamond Hub of the Botswana Ministry of mineral resources, Green Technology and Energy Security visited Shanghai Diamond Exchange, together with the Botswana diamond entrepreneurs, represented by Mr. Moatswi Sekonopo and Malekantwa Mmapatsi.


Mr. Lin Qiang warmly welcomed the Botswana guests and stated that China is now the world’s second largest diamond consumer, while Botswana is the second largest diamond producer. There would be great cooperative opportunities between two countries. On behalf of the Botswana government, Ms. Diana Moabe expressed their wishes to learn from SDE’s experience in order to set up their own diamond trading platform that favors the sustainable development of the diamond beneficiation and the cultivation of entrepreneurship.  


During the visit, SDE and the Botswana local diamond enterprise, together with Cominco Belgium signed a MOU, witnessed by Ms. Diana Moabe, to facilitate further cooperation on the development of diamond business platform in Botswana and other important areas.


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