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Merlin Diamonds commences ore processing for larger diamonds


Merlin Diamonds of Australia, which has a long mining history of recovering large diamonds, has completed commissioning of the Tomra XRT sorter and has commenced the processing of ore. 
By using this new technology, Merlin aims to enhance larger diamond recoveries and reduce operating costs. 
The machine is also expected to recover more low luminescing diamonds than previously possible. 
The mine previously produced Australia’s largest diamond at 104 cts. Since the re-commencement of operations a 35.3 ct diamond has been recovered which reflects Merlin’s history of large diamonds. 
Merlin Diamond Mine, wholly-owned by Merlin Diamonds Ltd (ASX:MED) in the Northern Territory of Australia, comprises of 13 known diamond-bearing kimberlite pipe vents on the Merlin mine lease, nine of which have been historically mined. 
Aruna Gaitonde, Editor-in-Chief of the Asian Bureau, Rough & Polished 

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