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SDE Notice on the Renewal of Office Leasing


Dear tenants:

      It is hereby announced that Shanghai Diamond Exchange has signed contract to renew the lease with Lujiazui Properties. Due to the adjustment of tax system, rent has been raised for 5% during this contract period.

To further improve the healthy development of the diamond trading and relieve pressure on business, SDE has decided to remain the rent when signing contract with tenants on the North Tower. Expenses caused by rent increase will be borne by SDE.

From Oct. 26th, 2016, SDE will renew the lease with all the tenants on North Tower by gradually signing the “Shanghai Diamond Exchange House Leasing Contract. Refer to further notice for the concrete time. Please be prepared and give support. For any questions, contact Mr. Sun Xiaojie at 50158333-1506650158193.


                                                                 Shanghai Diamond Exchange

Oct. 24th, 2016


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