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Notice: Cocktail Invitation of Canada’s Northwest Territories Delegation 2015

2015/1/5Shanghai Diamond Exchange


Dear Members:
Hello! As Mr. Bob McLeod, the Premier of the Northwest Territoreis of Canada, will head a delegation of the Northwest Territories to visit Shanghai Diamond Exchange on January 16, 2015, there will be a cocktail reception on the night of the visit inviting heads of some of our member companies to attend. The favour of your presence is requested.
Time: Start at 17:15 on Friday January 16, 2015
Place: The Hall on the second floor of Shanghai Diamond Center
Attending Guests: 20 people from the Canadian delegation and 40-50 people from SDE members
Background Information: Canada now produces 14.2% (by value) of the world’s total diamonds, and its market share is expected to reach 25% in the coming four years. The largest diamond mines in Canada including Gahcho kue (under construction) and Ekati are both located in the Northwest Territories, which is also the largest territory of Canada with an area of 1.17 million km2. In this event, the officials of the Northwest Territories will introduce their diamond resources and investment opportunites to our members through videos and the PPT presentation. Buffet and beverages will be provided at the cocktail reception.
For the purpose of better interaction during the event, SDE will make name tags (in English) for all the guests in presence. Please complete the following form and fax to SDE at 021-50158094 or contact Ms. Xu at 021-50158333 Ext. 15073. before Jan.10.2105.
Confirmation Receipt of the Cocktail Reception of Canada’s Northwest Territories Delegation 2015

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