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Notice on the Demonstration of the SDE Website Application

2015/1/28Shanghai Diamond Exchange

Dear members:
After some upgrade and revision, SDE’s official website has been gradually put into use. Functional tests of the system concerning our members have been finished. On the new website, each member will have individual admin panel, through which you’ll be able to post advertisement, create web pages, release purchase and sale info and diamond quotations, submit applications, as well as post job openings etc. For your convenience, we will make a presentation on the operation of the system next week. Details are as follows:
Time:    Feb 2nd 2015 (next Monday) 2:00 – 3:00pm
Location: Meeting room on the 15th floor OF SDE building
Subject: PPT presentation on the functions and applications of                    the members’ admin system 
If interested, please send one or two of your staff to participate. Due to limited spots, please sign up early by filling the form below and fax to SDE at 021-50158094, or contact Ms. Xu at 021-50158192.
Sign-up sheet for the Feb 2nd demonstration


Thank you!
Shanghai Diamond Exchange

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