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Stipulations on the Safety Management of Shanghai Diamond Exchange



To strengthen security precautions and ensure the safety of SDE as well as all personnel in the building, the following stipulations need to be reiterated according to the ‘Regulation on Administration of Access Control of Shanghai Diamond Exchange’:

1.        All personnel with the IC Access Card could enter and exit SDE from 8:30 AM to 6:00PM on regular working days (weekends and holidays excepted). In special circumstances, related procedures shall be handled for access outside regular business hours. The IC Access Card is only applicable for the cardholder and shall not be lent or transferred. In case of violation, the security staff shall be entitled to forfeit the misused IC Access Card and give it to SDE to be dealt with depending on the circumstances.

2.        All visitors shall be registered at the reception desk from 8:30 AM to 6:00PM on regular working days. Upon verification by phone with the visited organization or personnel, the receptionists would ask the visitors to present their valid identification cards in exchange for the IC Guest Cards. Before leaving, visitors shall change back their ID card with the IC Guest Card at the reception desk. For couriers, children and visitors without valid identification cards, entry shall be declined.

3.        Except for goods with the PRC customs seal, all objects, regardless of sizes, shall go through the X-ray security inspection machine before taken into SDE.

4.        Dangerous, inflammable, explosive or chemical items are strictly prohibited in the building.

5.        Visiting is declined during weekends and holidays.

6.        Overtime work shall be avoided during weekends and holidays. When it is necessary to do so, an ‘Overtime Application Form’ shall be filled at the Property Management Office in advance, and the staff working overtime shall leave on time. Without overtime work application formalities, personnel are declined to access the SDE during weekends and holidays.  

 Administrative Office of China Diamond Exchange Centre

 June 25, 2015


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