Rapaport Group and RapNet encourage members to import legally through SDE


Shanghai Diamond Exchange is the only legitimate platform for the import and export of diamond in mainland China, facilitating the healthy, orderly as well as sustainable development of the Chinese diamond market.


The Rapaport Group and the RapNet platform recently issued a statement reasserting its tough stance against smuggling. The statement reads in full as follows: 


The Rapaport Group and the RapNet platform oppose diamond smuggling. We are particularly concerned about the situation after reports last year that Chinese authorities had arrested about 150 people for selling smuggled diamonds in China.


Smuggling is not only illegal, but it also creates unfair competition for legitimate taxpayers.


RapNet members need to know that we will cooperate fully with government agencies in diamond smuggling. RapNet members suspected of participating in illegal activities will be banned and disabled from the RapNet platform.


Members seeking to legally import diamonds into China are advised to contact the Shanghai Diamond Exchange at 021-50158333.



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