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3rd Diamond Trade Fair

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Dear Members, Re: 3rd Diamond Trade Fair SDE is preparing to hold the 3rd Diamond Trade Fair during March 19-20. Members are invited to participate free of charge. We will invite major jewelry retailers and wholesalers to come to purchase in SDE in this high season for local jewelers to replenish their stocks. Buyers invited by members are also welcome. The date of 3rd Diamond Trading Fair is next to Shanghai International Diamond Trade Fair 21-24 March, 2003 in order to supply convenience for members to participate both. Hours for visitors will be 9:30-16:30. A brief opening ceremony is arranged at 10:30 -11:00am on March 19h. Because of the lack of seats in the trading hall, transactions are to be conducted in members’ offices, those who haven’t an office in SDE or want to use the trading hall please state in the return form for registration of seat subject to time order. All members are invited to participate in this event. Please kindly send back the attached return form. Shanghai Diamond Exchange Return Form of 3rd Diamond Trade Fair Corporation Attendance(Yes/No) Person in Charge in the event Tel No. Using Trading Hall (Yes/No) Contact: Cooper Fu Tel No.: 86-21-50470203 Fax No.: 86-21-50470209
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