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Notification on adjusting the Measure of SARS Prevention taken by SDE

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Notification on adjusting the Measure of SARS Prevention taken by SDE Dear Members and Tenants, Whereas epidemic situation of SARS was alleviating at present time, Shanghai Municipal Government issued the Notification on adjusting Measure of SARS Prevention and Treatment by Shanghai Municipal Government: 1. The object applied to medical observation and health observation is adjusted that Shanghai citizens returning home should undergo two-week health observation as the Non-resident persons undergo, no longer to undergo two-week medical observation at their house or the places designed by communities. 2. Shanghai citizens returning home and Non-resident persons must declare their health condition. 3. The local object in China, who must have a health test is defined as Shanghai citizens returning home and Non-resident persons coming from or passing by the following areas: SARS spreading Provinces, Municipalities and Autonomous regions announced daily by the Public Health Department; SARS affected cities subsidiary to SARS not-spreading Provinces, Municipalities and Autonomous regions.If there is no new-added clinic diagnosis case reported for continuous 20 days in the aforesaid areas, Shanghai citizens returning home from or by the aforesaid areas need no more have a health test. Areas overseas applied to the health test followed the announcement by WHO that the SARS affected cities or areas reached the certain degree. Conforming to the adjustment of SARS prevention by Shanghai Municipal Government and Jin Mao Tower, SDE has taken the following new measure of SARS prevention for the persons entering SDE since June 9, 2003. 1. Anyone entering SDE is required to have a temperature test, Only can the persons without fever or abnormal symptoms enter SDE. 2. All visitors are required to fill the "health report form" 2. The visitors are required to wear a self-prepared mask throughout the whole visiting process. We appreciate your support and cooperation in the implementation of this Notification. Shanghai Diamond Exchange
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