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Be warned!!! WFDB

2008/6/4 10:38:00admin

Be warned!!!


Recently our customers informed us, that they have been addressed by a company under the name of Eshed Diamond Group, signed by Abraham Eshed or Ibrahim Eshed, offering goods, or asking for goods.


Please be aware that Eshed Diam Ltd. and or Mr. Avraham Eshed, has no connection and no responsibility whatsoever to the abovementioned group or people.


In case of any doubt, please do not hesitate to call our office at +972-3-5751137, Mr. Avraham or Mr. Lior Eshed.



                                                                                           Eshed Diam Ltd.

                                                                                           1 Jabotinsky St.,

                                                                                           Rama Gan,Isarel


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