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WFDB Meetings Achieved Fruitful Results in Macao


World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB) Asia-Pacific President’s Summit & Executive Committee Meeting were held in Macao Between Sept.10th -11th.  WFDB President Mr. Ernest Blom , AWDC President Mr. Stephane Fischler, WFDB Executive Committee and presidents from 12 bourses were in attendance at the Summit. The leaders had in-depth discussion on major issues facing the diamond industry during the meeting. Representatives of the Macao SAR government and Macao diamond industry were also invited to make presentation on issues including Macao’s advantages to develop diamond business, the role that Sino-Portuguese trade platform plays as well as the banking system of Macao.  

WFDB Executive Committee decided at the meeting that Shanghai should be defined as the world’s fifth largest diamond trading centre after Antwerp,New York,Mumbai and Johannesburg. Therefore, it is proposed that Shanghai Diamond Exchange (SDE) should have a permanent seat in the WFDB Executive Committee. The committee also decided that Macao Association for the Promotion of Diamond and Gem Trade Development between China and Portuguese-speaking Countries would attend the Asia-Pacific President’s Summit as an observer.

Mr. Ernest Blom spoke highly of the WFDB meetings in Macao in terms of the infrastructure and the fruitful results. He also believes that Macao has huge potential for the development of diamond trade.

SDE President Mr. Lin Qiang says, expanding diamond business in Macao stays consistent with the “Belt & Road Initiative” launched by the central government. In history, Macao is one of the starting points of the Silk Road and keeps close connection with foreign countries especially Portuguese-speaking countries, some of which are rich in diamonds and gems.

WFDB Meeting’s success in Macao shows much attention that the international diamond community pays to the Chinese diamond market as well as its support to the development of Macao’s diamond industry. As an international free port, Macao has completed infrastructure facilities, legal system as well as talent pool. Moreover, Macao is located next to Guangdong and Hong Kong where the jewelry industry thrives. These are the special advantages and huge potential that Macao has to develop diamond trade. According to Mr. Lin, SDE together with the international diamond organizations are more than willing to strengthen the cooperation with Macao and make joint efforts to facilitate the development of its diamond industry.



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