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SDE Brings Antwerp Diamond Museum DIVA to Shanghai


Titled “From Natural Wonders to Art Treasures: Exhibition by Antwerp Diamond Museum DIVA,” an exhibition at the Temporary Exhibition Hall of Shanghai Natural History Museum kicked off on February 7. The exhibition was introduced by Shanghai Diamond Exchange, Shanghai Science and Technology Museum, and Chinese jeweler ALLOVE.  Wang Xiaoming, curator of Shanghai Science and Technology Museum, and Cathy Berx, governor of the province of Antwerp, Belgium, delivered opening remarks. SDE president Lin Qiang, DIVA director Jeroen Martens and Belgian Consul General Paul Lambert jointly attended the ceremony with other guests.

Shanghai and the city of Antwerp established friendship as early as 1984 and started contacts and communications from then on. Witnessed by Chinese president Xi Jinping, Shanghai Diamond Exchange and Antwerp World Diamond Centre (AWDC) signed cooperation agreement in 2014, outlining their cooperation with respect to the development of an exclusive commercial and trade relationship. Now both cities constantly develop their relations and the bilateral diamond trades prosper following the One Belt And One Road initiative. It is believed that this exhibition would further promote cultural exchanges and the development of diamond trade. 

Shanghai Diamond Exchange is the only platform for the import and export of diamonds in China and serves as the bridge between the Chinese mainland diamond market and the world, while DIVA is the only official diamond,jewelry and silversmithing museum in Antwerp with rich collections of Flemish jewelry and precious metals. Formed by the merger of the oldest diamond museum in Antwerp and the silverwork museum, the brand new diamond museum DIVA will open grandly in May 2018 in Antwerp, Belgium. This exhibition in Shanghai is the first global preview of DIVA. Silverworks, Jewelry and diamonds from DIVA are on display, and the mysterious “Antwerp Cut” is unlocked. 

The exhibition will start with a very visual introduction of Antwerp and DIVA. Stories about the luxury and arts of Antwerp as well as the global diamond trades are told by multimedia equipments. The selection of objects has two focus points: the 16th & 17th century and the period of Art Nouveau and Art Deco. The exhibition is divided into four parts: DIVA Museum, History of Antwerp, Collection of DIVA, and Special Exhibition: Frozen Morning Light. Among the exhibits, the most anticipated is a selected collection of ALLOVE featuring “ten-heart and ten-arrow structure with 81 facets” of diamond permanently enshrined by DIVA.

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