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SDE Delegation Visited New York DDC


    A SDE delegation headed by its president Lin Qiang visited New York-based Diamond Dealers Club (DDC) from March 10th to 15th. The delegation was warmly invited and welcomed by DDC president Reuven Kaufman.

    SDE signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with DDC in an ongoing effort to facilitate business opportunities last September during the WFDB presidents’ summit in Macau. This visit was aimed to start a series of collaborations between the groups following the Macau meeting.

    The delegation of 23 people was made of senior leaders from industry organizations, key diamond retailers and wholesalers in China. This visit to DDC is also the Chinese bourse’s first in more than 10 years.

    “As a member of a bourse or an exchange, there is so much opportunity to network and meet members of other clubs who can work together and benefit each other’s companies,” Reuven Kaufman said.

    The deal will help US diamond dealers benefit from the rapid growth in the Chinese market, said Lin Qiang. A partnership that unites organizations from the two leading diamond markets — the US and China — is a win for both groups, he added.

    On his visit, Lin Qiang was awarded Honorary Member of DDC for his contribution to promote the cooperation between the two diamond centers. 

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