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China-South Africa Diamond Dialogue Mechanism Co-initiated


On April 17, 2018, a high delegation of 27 political leaders and top officials from the North Cape Provincial Government of South Africa and the South Africa State Diamond Trader visited Shanghai Diamond Exchange. After a brief welcoming ceremony and a visit to SDE as well as the National Gemology Testing Centre Shanghai Lab, the Initiative of Establishing China-South Africa Diamond Dialogue Mechanism was officially signed.  

Mr. McCollen Jack, MEC Ministry in Finance, Economic Development and Tourism led the government delegation with four other top officials of the MEC Ministry of North Cape Province. The delegation includes more than the heads from various departments in charge of economic development, tourism, transport, liaison, rural development, culture and public work. On behalf of the South African diamond industry, the State Diamond Trader of South Africa (SDT) , Kimberley Diamond Jewelry Incubator and Kimberley International Diamond Jewelry Academy (KDJI& KIDJA)cooperate with SDE on action levels. 

At the signing ceremony, Mr.Shen Weihua, vice director of the Commerce Committee of Shanghai and SDE president Lin Qiang delivered welcome remarks, while Mr. McCollen Jack and Mr. Conrad Van Der Ross, COO of SDT also addressed on behalf of the South African government and diamond industry. The Initiative of Establishing China-South Africa Diamond Dialogue Mechanism was then signed by four parties including SDE, Diamond Administration of China, SDT and KDJI. After the signing ceremony, major issues were further discussed among the participants.

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