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Perfect Ending of DIVA Exhibition at SDE


Shanghai Diamond Exchange held the closing ceremony and reception for Exhibition by Museum DIVA on April 9th to celebrate the success of this significant event. Ms. Bie De Graeve,Vice president of the Board of the museum foundation and Mr. Lin Qiang delivered closing remarks on behalf of DIVA and SDE respectively.

“From Natural Wonders to Art Treasures: Exhibition by Antwerp Diamond Museum DIVA” is co-organized by Shanghai Science and Technology Museum, Shanghai Diamond Exchange and Allove Diamonds, supported by ’China-EU Culture and Humanity Fund’ of Shanghai Overseas Chinese Federation and Shanghai Scientific Education Development Foundation. It was unveiled on February 7th in witness of friends from all sectors of our community and successfully closed on April 7th. It presented a feast to the eye from Antwerp, the diamond capital of the world, for visitors from both home and abroad. The historical and cultural setting in the exhibition and storytelling by multi-media gave the impression of elegant lifestyle with the decoration of diamond, jewelry and artworks.

The supplier of this exhibition is Antwerp Diamond Museum DIVA, which has deep origin of royal connections. DIVA is a brand new, state of the art museum on diamonds, jewellery and silversmithing, formed by the merger of the oldest diamond museum in Antwerp and the silverwork museum. It will open grandly in May 2018 in Antwerp Belgium. This exhibition was the first global preview of DIVA. Silverworks, Jewelry and diamonds from DIVA were on display.

At the closing ceremony, Ms. Marie-Adélaïde Matheï Consul of Belgium in Shanghai presented the Thank-you letters on behalf of DIVA to its Chinese partners including SDE,Shanghai Science and Technology Museum as well as ALLOVE Diamonds. The letters were signed by Mr. Geert Bourgeois, Minister-President of Flanders and Mr. Lin Qiang accepted the letter on behalf of SDE.

Before the reception ends, Ms. Anneke Lauwereins and Hans Van Kerckhoven, eminent Belgian soprano and violinist invited by DIVA performed some splendid opera singing and marked a grand finale for the exhibition. 



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