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IPIM Cooperates with SDE in Macao


Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute (IPIM) and Shanghai Diamond Exchange (SDE) signed Strategic Cooperation Agreement on June 7 to further promote the appropriate diversification development of Macao. The cooperation is supported by the Ministry of Commerce, the central government's liaison office in Macao, and the Macao Special Administrative Region (MSAR) Government. 


IPIM president Mr. Jackson Chang and SDE president Mr. Lin Qiang signed the contract witnessed by a hundred honorable guests from the government as well as the industry.


During the World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB) Asia-Pacific President’s Summit & Executive Committee Meeting in Macao last September, the organizer visited several MSAR government officials to discuss the strengthening of cooperation within diamond and gem industry and the promoting of diversification development of Macao. WFDB was satisfied with the business environment and tourism facilities. It is believed that Macao has the market potential to develop diamond, gem and jewelry business. Moreover, the Portuguese-speaking countries are rich in rough diamond and gems. As a platform for business cooperation services between China and Portuguese-speaking countries, Macao has the advantages for diamond and jewelry industry.


The cooperation between IPIM and SDE aims to follow the “One Belt One Road”Initiative, promote the development of Macao’s jewelry industry, cultivate talents and build Macao a global trading center of rough diamond and gem. SDE has established international diamond business networks, while Macao is a world famous tourist city that has deep connections with the Portuguese-speaking countries. The two organizations would make joint efforts to facilitate the development of diamond and jewelry industry in Macao, and coordinate the synergetic development of Macao’s economy. Besides, professional education and training resources of jewelry inspection, designing as well as manufacturing would be introduced to Macao.


Authorized by the State Council, Shanghai Diamond Exchange is a national-level key factor market founded in October, 2000. It is the only transaction platform for the import and export of diamond in China. By constant promotion of SDE, Shanghai is now one of the five diamond trading centers in the world. With the development of Chinese economy, China has become the world’s second largest diamond consuming market. Demand for diamond and jewelry in the wedding market remains strong. The investment market of diamond is expanding gradually in both mainland China and Macao. These factors would all drive the increase of diamond import in China.


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