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Free Flight for SDE Buyers at The IDE


With an aim to encouraging buyers, the Israel Diamond Exchange in a joint initiative with the Ministry of Economy, are making a one time “Fly for Free” offer effective from October through December 2018. 

Please visit the promotional campaign's website at, fill in personal details as required and attach a copy of the personal information page included in the passport. 

The promotional campaign will take place from October 2, 2018 until December 16, 2018 (inclusive). Total sum of the transactions amounting to no less than $150,000. The benefit includes the reimbursement of an airline ticket in the amount of no more than $1,000, for the purchase of a plane ticket to Israel during the promotion's period. 

This "Fly to Buy" Offer is applicable only in conjunction with the purchase of polished diamonds. Each buyer is entitled to participate and receive the benefits included in this promotional campaign only once. For full terms and conditions of this initiative, please click the Terms of Offer link on the webpage. 

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