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WFDB Appointed Mr.Lin Qiang Vice President


The 38th World Diamond Congress of the World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB) is being held this week in Mumbai, India. Presidents and representatives of the worlds major diamond bourses and organizations come to attend the biannual meeting in the Convention Center of the Bharat Diamond Bourse from the globe.


On today’s WFDB Executive Committee Meeting, WFDB president Mr. Ernie Blom announced the appointment of Mr. Lin Qiang, president of Shanghai Diamond Exchange (SDE) as the new Vice President of WFDB. Mr. Lin Qiang has been a member of the WFDB Executive Committee for years. His rich experience in bourse management, organizing and coordinating ability, as well as great charisma won him international reputation in the diamond industry. Therefore, his appointment as VP of the worlds most important diamond organization has commanded public respect and support. 


Mr. Lin expressed his sincere gratitude to the organization and his colleagues for their trust. He declares that apart from assuming his duties as president of SDE, he would spare no pains to promote the development of WFDB and the global diamond industry.

The 38th World Diamond Congress made amendments to the WFDB Bylaws and Inner Rules. According to the new Bylaws, the number of major manufacturing and trading centers increased to 7 to include Shanghai and Dubai. The two new major centers shall be represented by no more two candidates on the Executive Committee at all times. 


Representatives at the Congress had heated discussions on issues of common interests including the development of lab-grown diamonds and FTC Regulationsthe industry relations with the financial institutions, change in the function of trade shows and the progress in generic marketing. 

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