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Rapaport HK Auction Tender Presents 100,000 Carats of Polished Diamond



Rapaport Auctions is pleased to present their Hong Kong Melee Auction Tender with over 100,000 carats of polished diamonds. SDE members interested in the Tender are more than welcome to parcipate. The following information is provided by Rapaport Auctions.



  • A large quantity of polished diamonds direct from motivated sellers

  • Broad range of sizes and qualities from 0.005 to 1 carat, (-2.5 to 20+ Sieve Sizes)

  • Inexpensive to medium prices and qualities: from $50 to $900 per carat


  • Excellent buying opportunity

  • Diamonds direct from the source, motivated sellers

  • Large selection and quantities will be sold at excellent prices

  • Opportunities to make money sorting and selecting from large parcels


  • Quarterly PawnShop Auction - Feb. 24-27 – Closing Wednesday Feb. 27, 4 PM HK

  • Diamonds at this auction are better sorted. Recommended for first time buyers.

  • Standard Melee Auction - Feb. 24 to March 5 – Closing Tuesday March 5, 4 PM HK

  • Large selection of original mixed parcels and larger diamonds. Excellent opportunity.


  • Feb. 24-25 and March 3-5: Royal Garden Hotel, 69 Mody Road, Tsim Sha Tsui East,Kowloon, HK

  • Feb. 26-March 1: Asia World Expo, HK Int’l Airport, Lantau, HK, 2nd Floor MR201B-01

  • Auction viewing will be closed on Saturday March 2nd due to Jewish Shabbat.


1. Get More Information and Arrange for a Viewing Appointment

  • Contact Rapaport Hong Kong: Tel: +852-2805-2620, Email: Auctions@Rapaport.Com,


2. Visit Rapaport Auction Website:

  • Review the Rapaport Buy Diamonds and Bidding Instructions Documents

3. For preview watch the videos: ‘100K Carat Auction’ and ‘About Rapaport Auctions’




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