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Lookout for professional diamond thieves

2009/4/16 16:24:00admin

WFDB forwarded the attached letter to be brought to your attention.


Dear all, 

We have suffered an unfortunate event whereby a 5.47ct K VS1 brilliant diamond (dimensions xxxxxxxxx)was switched at our counter at the Istanbul Fair on 18 March 2009.

 The culprits used fake identities to enter the fair.  Though they were two apparent people involved, the gang might comprise of more as the representatives present recall another person who was waiting at the door (apparently a waiting client), who also departed at the same time. 

They appear to be of East-Asian origin and claimed to be from Hong Kong.  They seem highly professional as they managed the switch under the watchful eye of four representatives.  They inspected the stone with fingers, instead of tweezers, facilitating the switch.   One culprit is slim in his 50s, approximate height 1.65m, and the other is chubby and in his mid-30s, and also shorter. 

Given their international background, it is a concern for all, as they might hit other forthcoming events. 

If possible, keep a suspicious eye out for a 5.47ct brilliant.  In these bad times, the last thing we need are crooks making our lives even more difficult.   

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, or even per chance a lead.

 Kind Regards, 

Burhan Seber

Managing Director 

Hard Stone Processing (Pty) Ltd

Mobile     : +264 811 490049

Tel            : +264 61 213590

Fax           : +264 61 213523

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