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As a member of one of the 26 diamond exchanges that is affiliated to the

World Federation of Diamond Bourses, you can now apply for the WFDB

Mark™, which is a trademarked logo that approved holders may display to

suppliers and clients, confirming that they operate according to the WFDB’s

ethical business code.

To become a holder of the WFDB Mark™, your bourse will need to verify

that you are a member “in good standing.” You must also commit to abide

by the World Federation Code of Principles (WFCOP), which is a document

that consists of the resolutions passed by the WFDB General Assembly,

relating to ethical business practices.

Each WFDB Mark™ is issued on an individual basis, and includes a personal

identification number. In addition, your company may also apply for a WFDB

Mark™, provided that the WFDB Mark™ holders control not less than 51%

of the shares, and exercise and hold not less than 51 % of the votes on the

board of directors.

The WFDB Mark™ may be displayed on invoices and receipts, business

cards, advertisements, promotional materials, trade show booths and display

windows, as well as in company offices. The WFDB Mark™ program is

being promoted internationally throughout the jewellery trade.


Bourse members who wish to apply for the WFDB Mark™ should request

a registration kit from their bourse secretariats. These will include a

registration form, a declaration form, the WFCOP document and appendix,

and information regarding a WFDB Mark™ handling fee, which covers a

two-year period.

Once the registration form has been completed and the member’s

candidacy has been approved by his bourse, the member must sign the

declaration form before an assigned bourse official, confirming that the

member is fully aware of the WFCOP will and abide by its principles.

The candidate’s application will then be processed by the WFDB Secretary-

General’s Office in Antwerp, and the member’s name will be entered as an

approved holder on the WFDB Mark™ register. The new WFDB Mark™

holder will receive a user’s kit, which will include his own personalised

WFDB Mark™ logo, WFDB Mark™ logos appropriate for use on approved

company displays, and a certificate validating that he is an approved WFDB

Mark™ holder.

With the growing awareness in the diamond and jewellery trades of the

WFDB Mark™, clients and suppliers may well begin asking whether you are

a holder of the WFDB Mark™. They also may wish to verify that your WFDB

Mark™ is valid. This they can confirm on the WFDB Mark™ website, located

can confirm that you are a bourse member “in good standing,” holding the

WFDB Mark™.

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