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Notice of China Diamond Exchange Center Lease Matters

2009/9/2 10:37:00admin

Notice of China Diamond Exchange Center Lease Matters (1)



Dear Members:


As the lease-signing work for China Diamond Exchange Center is about to start soon, SDE notifies all the members the following related information and time schedule.


1.China Diamond Exchange Center shall be let to the members by SDE directly


At the request of the majority of the members, it has been made clear that SDE shall be responsible for the lease matters about Building A of China Diamond Exchange Center after multiple consultations with the owner Lu Jia Zui Group. SDE makes the following decisions at the expense of considerable loss: lowering the rental of the new building by 5% on the basis of the lease contract provided by Lu Jia Zui Group; increasing the term of lease from one year to two years; lowering the property management fee from the original monthly rate RMB 27 Yuan /square meter to RMB 24 Yuan/square meter. General rental has been lowered by 5%-15% compared to the rental paid in May. 2008..


2. Lease-signing work with SDE members will start from Sept.1.2009


Both Chinese and English versions of the Lease Contract shall be posted publicly on SDE website and on the bulletin boards of 4th and 6th  floor in the next few days. The Lease Contract is formulated on the basis of the Jinmao Tower Lease Contract signed by the members before. Related rules of concrete lease-signing process refer to the Notice (2).


3. Members who have decoration demand pls submit design plans as soon as possible


Large-area lessees of China Diamond Exchange Center who need to decorate their premises shall submit their design plans to SDE Property Management Office for approval before Sept.15.2009.


4. Overall relocation of SDE will be carried out  in the middle of Oct.2009


Many members suggest that it is not suitable for overall relocation being carried out in September, as they have to attend several fairs in this period. So SDE decides to begin its moving work in the middle of Oct.2009. Moving preparation and training work shall be unfolded soon.


Thanks for your kind cooperation!


                                                                          Shanghai Diamond Exchange




Notice of China Diamond Exchange Center Lease Matters (2)



Dear Members:


Thanks for your support for SDE relocation work. Lease-signing affairs about China Diamond Exchange Center will start from Sept.1.2009. Notice is hereby given as follows:


1. From Sept.1.2009 SDE staff will distribute the confirmation letters of China Diamond Exchange Center lease details with concrete lease-signing time schedule to the members who have already reserved the premises.  Please confirm upon receiving.


2. During the working days between Sept.7 2009 to Sept.15, each member shall send persons specially appointed therefore with the legal representative seal and the copy of business license coming to the meeting room of 4th floor within SDE in Jinmao Tower to sign lease contract in terms of the time schedule being given.


3. The members who fail to conduct lease-signing formality within the given timetable shall be viewed as giving up their reservation of the selected rooms. SDE shall no longer reserve related premised for them.


4. From Sept.15.2009 SDE shall accept the reservation of the members who have not booked the rooms before and sign the lease contracts with them.


Contact Tel: 50471097 via extension, or 50470203, 50470409

Contact Person: Zhou Yi, Fu Zhong Qi, Jin Yan, Sun Xiao Jie.


Thanks for your cooperation!


                                                                          Shanghai Diamond Exchange




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