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OKAVANGO DIAMOND COMPANY Rough Diamond Sourcing Presentation at SDE


 The SDE is pleased to inform their members that Okavango Diamond Company (ODC) will be hosting a presentation about rough diamond sourcing from Botswana at the Meeting Room on the 15th Floor on the 25th June 2019 at 14:00.

The CEO from ODC will be in Shanghai to meet those interested in becoming an ODC customer and to answer any questions regarding ODC’s sales or registration process.
If you are not already an ODC registered customer and are interested in attending the ODC presentation please RSVP at Room 1507 SDE Membership Department
Further information about the ODC Customer Registration process and required documentation can be found at
For any ODC enquiries please contact:  
SDE Membership Department
Ms. Xu or Ms. Grace Huang
TEL: 50158333-15000
Pearl Salani or Faith Seboko
Tel: +267 3992300
About ODC
Okavango Diamond Company, or ODC, is a rough diamond marketing company wholly owned by the Botswana Government. We operate as a stand-alone commercial entity, offering our global customer base open access to scale supply of the full range of Botswana’s natural and ethically sourced diamonds at market determined prices. With access to 15% of Debswana’s run of mine production, ODC is an important supplier to the market with annual sales of in excess of $500m.

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