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KPCS Notice About Cote D"Ivoire Diamond

2011/2/22 10:53:00admin

Ref: PK_P/002/02/2011                                   Kinshasa, February 15th, 2011



Dear KPCS Colleagues:


The purpose of this notice is to draw your attention to the situation in Cote d’Ioire, which is a cause for growing concern for the Kimberley Process in consideration of the risk of re-emergence of conflict diamonds in Cote d’Ivoire and an increase in rough diamond smuggling throughout West Africa.


The Kimberley Process, through the 2007 Brussels initiative and the Moscow declaration of 2005, respectively has been engaged on this matter and has ensured continuous monitoring of the situation.


Previous KP reports and UN Group of Experts (UNGoE) reports indicate that diamond mining in Cote d’Ivoire continues unabated and notes that diamonds may be leaving Cote d’Ivoire through to neighboring countries in violation of UNSC sanctions and KPCS restrictions.


I therefore call on participants of the KPCS, particularly those in the West Africa region and in the major trading and manufacturing centers, to exercise strong vigilance and ensure that all the necessary KPCS decisions are upheld in support of UN imposed sanctions to prevent Ivorian diamonds entering participant states, and to report to the WGM on actions taken in this respect. I further call on the World Diamond Council to work with its members throughout the diamond industry to complement the efforts of governmental authorities, and to report the WGM on actions taken in this respect.


Finally, I call on KPCS Observers and Participants as well as relevant UN and regional bodies to share any information that could assist the KPCS in its deliberations and assist, where possible, to ensure that our efforts are appropriately and broadly implemented. Such information can be sent to the Chair of the Working Group on Monitoring, and coped to myself as the Chair of the KP.


It is imperative that the KPCS address this matter constructively and decisively thereby ensuring that Ivorian diamonds do not infiltrate the legitimate trade as this could be harmful for the diamond industry as a whole. Colleagues, I have every confidence that the KPCS has the ability and the political will to tackle the challenges facing Cote d’Ivoire diamonds effectively through collective and concerted efforts. I count on your support and cooperation and I thank you in advance for your valued assistance towards this important undertaking.


Yours sincerely,


Mathieu YAMBA


KP Chair.

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