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A letter to SDE members about Get-Diamonds


May 6, 2020

Dear Members,


The World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB) has sent a letter to its member bourses to recommend an international trading platform called Get-Diamonds. The trading platform will be managed by an independent Board of Directors and serve the members of all bourses. Itis anon-profit organization and has no private ownership. It aims to provide objective, competitive and transparent diamond supply to the industry. For these reasons, the Get-Diamonds is approved and supported by the WFDB.


As it keeps advancing its operations and management, the platform now has an inventory of more than 1.1 million diamonds with a total value of 4.7 billion USD. The WFDB believes that proper use of the platform will benefit the industry by improving the liquidity and transparency of the diamond supply.


As a member of the board of the WFDB, Shanghai Diamond Exchange would like to introduce Get-Diamonds to you. Those who are interested in exploring a new trading platform are welcome to do so. To encourage trading on the platform, new registration for members of bourses on is currently free of charge.


Yours sincerely,

Shanghai Diamond Exchange



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