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Procedure of Submitting for Synthetic Diamond inspection by SDE Members

2014/5/1Shanghai Diamond Exchange

1 Test sites: Room 1409 Fl 14th in ShanghaiDiamondExchangeBuilding
2 Test time: 13:30-17:00 Tuesday & Thursday
3 Members are required to fill in and stamp the inspection application form before submitting diamonds for inspection. Blank inspection application forms are available in transaction registration counter in 14th floor of SDE Building
4 The inspection service is offered by reservation only. Please call 50158132 or 50158333-14007/14016 to make reservation.
5 Members shall deliver the completed form with the diamonds to the designated inspector in RRo re call 50158132 or 50158333 oom 1409 as to the appointment.
6 Members and the inspector must confirm the amount of diamonds and sign in the form at the first sight.
7 After the inspection, the inspector will record the result in the form for filing, and return the diamonds to members. Members may require a copy of the signed form.

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