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By December 31, 2013, the number of SDE memberships has increased to 364 from 41 at the first beginning, including 248 foreign members coming from India, Israel, Belgium, South Africa, USA, Japan etc and the regions such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, accounting for 66% of the total number. With the implementation of Chinese government's favorable taxation policies and support of SDE transaction platform, more and more SDE members are emerging to become the leading players in China diamond industry by taking advantage of favorable policies, building up brand reputation, and sizing the market opportunities. More than 50 SDE members own famous jewelry brands nationwide; 25 members have well-known processing factories in China. Among $40 billion diamond import and export volume with processing trade pattern in China, 80% of which is contributed by SDE members. Some SDE members set up independent industrial parks coving all the functions such as designing, processing and retailing etc, strongly improving their all-around and multi-level competence and placing solid foundation for participating in international competition.




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